Hydrogen: for sure!

For decades, our R&D activities has been dedicated to hydrogen-affected corrosion, e. g. for metallic materials used in sour service or applications considering compressed hydrogen.We perform experimental and computational component investigations with destructive and non-destructive testing methods under fir-for-purpose conditions. Our activities cover the use of plates and tubular products made of steel in the hydrogen industry, e. g. as transport pipelines, storage tanks and vessels in the field of hydrogen infrastructure as well as supply lines and tanks for mobile applications. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are being continuously upgraded, allowing us even more possibilities to study the possible degradation effect of high pressure hydrogen gas on the properties of the used materials.

Along the entire value chain we are actively involved in collaborative projects on safe hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen production and hydrogen-based steel production. We have a wide national and international network with OEMs, other industrial companies, SMEs, Fraunhofer Institutes and universities. In addition, we are involved in organizations at the national level and the European level(e. g. German Hydrogen Association or HYPOS) and at European level (e. g. Hydrogen Europe or European Clean Hydrogen Alliance).