What combines theory with practice? Knowledge transfer. And you!

How can I make meaningful, effective use of my theoretical knowledge? Why did I bother to learn all of this? What use will it be to me later on? How can I contribute to something bigger?

We believe that you – with your knowledge, your ideas, and the fresh perspective of a newcomer – can make a valuable contribution to Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung.

Gain initial professional insights in a work-study program, become familiar with your future profession as a student trainee, or enrich your graduate thesis with practical experience.

We give you the opportunity to combine theory and practice with challenging projects whose solid implementation matters to us.

We are particularly interested in you if you have:

  • Well-suited major and minor fields of study
  • Above-average grades and academic qualifications
  • Challenging work-study assignments
  • EDP and language skills, especially in German, French and English
  • Experience abroad and extracurricular activities

Put yourself to the practical test with us. We look forward to “forging” a relationship with you!