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Coating tests

Coating testing laboratory

We have many years of experience in testing standard coating materials

We test organic and inorganic coatings as well as temporary corrosion protectives to relevant standards and/or customer requirements. We also conduct comprehensive qualification tests. In the testing of organic pipe coatings, we specialize in:

  • 3-layer polyolefin coatings (for instance in accordance with ISO 21809-1, DIN 30670, DIN 30678 and CSA Z245.21)
  • 1-layer FBE coatings (for instance in accordance with ISO 21809-2 and CSA Z245.20)
  • Field joint coatings (for instance in accordance with ISO 21809-3 and DIN EN 12068
  • Internal pipe coatings (for instance in accordance with ISO 15741, DIN EN 10301 and API RP 5L2)

Natural weathering tests, salt spray tests (ISO 9227) and artificial climates (ISO 6270-2) can be used to test corrosion resistance.

In our autoclave laboratory, coating materials can be tested under extreme conditions, such as elevated pressure, elevated temperature and exposure to corrosive gases.

Testing of organic coatings for industrial goods and vehicles

We test the properties of paints and films from continuous coil coating processes or automotive painting operations.

We test according to the following methods and/or standards:

Mechanical testing of bonding strength and formability

DIN EN ISO 20567-1

VW PV 3.17.1

Test of the stone chipping resistance of coatings

DIN EN ISO 2409 Cross-cut test
DIN EN 13523-7 T-bend test, folds, mandrel bend tests
DIN EN 13523-5 Impact and reverse impact test



DIN EN 13523-6

Erichsen cupping with and without cross hatch cut

Mechanical testing of hardness, scratch resistance and wear resistance
DIN EN 13523-16 Wear test
DIN EN 13523-4 Pencil hardness test
DIN EN ISO 2815 Buchholz hardness test
DIN EN ISO 1522 Pendulum hardness according to König/Persoz
Determination of coating thickness
DIN EN ISO 2808 Gravimetric, wedge cut method (Paint Borer), wet film thickness
DIN EN 13523-1 Magnetic inductive, eddy current and duplex methods
DIN EN ISO 3497 X-ray fluorescence analysis
DIN EN ISO 2177 Coulometric
Measurement of other paint properties

DIN EN 13523-2

Byk gloss method


SEP1941 Waviness measurement Wsa (1-5)
DIN EN 13523-18 Staining
Adhesion test of metallic coatings

We test the adhesive strength of metallic coatings (galvanic and by means of hot-dip processes) on steel substrates.

SEP 1931 Dynamic ball impact test for coating adhesion
during deep drawing actions
BMW AA 0509 Glue bead test for coating adhesion inside glued
flanges during a car crash

Tests modified according to customer requirements also possible



Xenon testing unit for artificial weathering of specimens according to ISO 4892-2.
Xenon testing unit for artificial weathering of specimens according to ISO 4892-2.
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