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Reference projects

Products and processes – developed for our customers and partners

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto zeigt Maschine für Zugversuch mit langsamen Dehngeschwindigkeiten.

We are a HYPOS member! Within the framework of the Hydrogen Power Storage Solutions East Germany hydrogen initiative (HYPOS), we are participating in the establishment of a green hydrogen industry ... » more 

With our newly developed “twist and bend” test, now we can determine a steel’s resistance to the SOHIC corrosion phenomenon, even for small specimens ... » more

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto zeigt Versuchsaufbau mit induktiver Vorwärme.

Extremely demanding welding qualification of large X80 grade longitudinal welded pipes according to API standard ... » more

On our “LiSA” bending test stand, large pipes and pipe fittings are tested under extremely high loading. How do we do this? ... more


[Translate to Englisch:] Foto zeigt Ultraschall-Prüfkopf für Castorbehälter.

Strictly speaking, Castor container bodies are not a particularly unusual project for our non-destructive testing experts – after all, this container is essentially just a thick wall steel pipe with a cover ... » more

For our partner Mannesmann Precision Tubes, we are developing the diesel injection lines of tomorrow, thereby making our contribution to climate protection. » more

Image shows a diagram of signals with and without wavelet filtering.

We applied the real-time methods in NDT operations for pipe production! ... » more

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