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R&D Equipment

Excerpt from our modern, extensive list of R&D equipment:

  • Vacuum induction furnace (melts ranging from 2 to 300 kg)
  • Hot rolling mill (300 - 1,000 t)
  • Flexible cooling circuit behind the 1.000-t hot rolling frame
  • Skin pass mill (550 t)
  • Limit State Analyzer (LiSA) - bending machine for large pipes
  • 1,000-t try-out forming press (Dieffenbacher)
  • 16 kW YAG laser welding machine
  • 5-wire submerged arc welding machine (SAW)
  • HFI laboratory welding machine
  • Thermo-mechanical forming simulator (Gleeble) for the determination of hot forming characteristic data
  • Electrolytic galvanization simulator (10 – 176 A/dm2)
  • Dilatometer (cooling up to 600 K/s)
  • System for collapse testing of line pipes up to 11,000 m water depth
  • Drop weight tear tester (BDWT)
  • Internal pressure test on line pipes (static/dynamic)
  • Hydraulic ring test up to 60 °C on large format line pipes
  • Corrosion testing laboratory for sour gas tests (SSC) on line pipes
  • Creep testing unit for highly heat-resistant materials with 220 individual testing stations
  • Impulse test stand up to 6,000 bar (diesel injection lines, etc.)
  • Multi-pass (sheet metal loads: tension, pressure, temperature up to 1,000 °C, cooling)
  • Complete laboratory instrumentation for simulating automotive coatings
  • Nano hardness testing unit
  • Software for cross-scale simulation (microstructure continuum)
  • High-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Electron microprobe (EMP)
  • Spark emission spectrometer
  • FEM simulation program for mechanical and thermal problems (Abaqus and Marc®) as well as for massive forming processes (SIMUFACT)
  • Telemetry system for wireless transmission of measurement signals, e.g. measurement of torques on shafts
  • Measurement amplifier with up to 48 channels (Catman, QuantumX)
  • Digital 3D measuring microscope (Keyence)
  • Portable 3D hand-held scanner
  • System for torsion tests

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