Release inspection

Release inspection for steel products

For our customers, we conduct release inspections competently and rapidly in the areas of metallography, surface technology, and material and component inspection.


  • Grain size determination according to DIN EN ISO 643 and ASTM E112
  • Purity analysis according to DIN 50602, ISO 4967 and ASTM E45
  • Determination of microstructural constituents
  • Weld inspection (measurement of geometry and Vickers hardness profiles according to DIN EN ISO 6507 and ASTM E384)

Surface technology:

  • Release analyses according to customer specifications of the automotive and household appliances industries
  • Release analyses on coil-coated sheet steel according to DIN 55634, DIN EN 10169 and DIN EN 13523

 Materials testing:

  • Tensile tests according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1, -2, -3, ASTM E21, ASTM A370
  • Fracture mechanics (CTOD, J, K) according to ISO 15653, ISO 12135, ASTM E1820
  • Hardness tests according to DIN EN ISO 6506, 6507 and 6508
  • Drop weight tests according to API RP 5L3, DIN EN 10274
  • Notched bar impact tests according to ASTM E23, ASTM A370, DIN EN ISO 148

Component inspection:

  • Type approvals