Pipe coating

From precision tube to large diameter pipe – the newest pipe coating concepts

In the development and optimization of pipe coating systems, we consider all potential materials and application processes for internal and external coating systems to be used on an extremely wide range of pipe dimensions.

Pipe coatings, no matter whether thin films for injection tubes or thick multi-layer coatings for pipelines, are subject to a vast array of loading conditions.

When developing pipe coatings, we take those challenges into consideration – e.g. protection against external effects (mechanical damage, temperature and corrosion) or protection of the inner wall of the pipe (flow resistance, protection against the conveyed medium). We adapt the coating properties specifically to address those conditions – while never losing sight of the practical implementation.

Chemical surface treatment and organic coating

Processes and products with optimized application properties

In close collaboration with the customer, we rely on commercially available treatment agents and coating materials to develop processes and products with optimized application properties.

  • Conversion layers for metallic coatings
  • Pretreatments for the coil coating of steel and galvanized steel
  • Thin organic coating systems and sealants
  • Single and multi-layer paint and film coatings for coil coating

Metallic coatings

At the request of the customer, we develop or optimize metallic anti-corrosion coatings suitable for special applications or downstream processing, e.g. for exterior automotive body panel applications.

We optimize or complement existing coating processes for new types of steel, e.g.:

  • Hot dip galvanized zinc coatings (Z/GI)
  • Zinc-magnesium coatings (ZM)
  • Electrolytic galvanized coatings (ZE/EG)

We develop new coatings with optimized properties and apply metallic coatings to laboratory specimens (130 mm x 190 mm x 0.4 to 3 mm). Other specimen sizes and coating materials are available on request.