Automated inspection systems

We design, build and maintain nondestructive testing systems with an emphasis on ultrasonic testing units and systems based on optoelectronic components and cameras, as well as fast testing unit control systems.



With our customers, we plan the systems and their integration within the plants.

Technical specifications provide detailed descriptions of interfaces to IT networks, conveying equipment for objects to be tested, existing mechanical installations and control systems. We plan out the installation work and start-up operations with our customers, so the systems can be put into operation rapidly.


Reliability and extended availability are paramount in the development, construction and testing of hardware produced in-house and in the selection of purchased components. Highly integrated logic circuits (FPGAs) and powerful signal processors guarantee the outstanding performance of our systems and equipment. Redundant data storage ensures excellent availability.


Our software’s user interface is optimized to facilitate operation. Modular software structures guarantee easy portability to other computer systems, simple maintenance, and customer-specific expandability. Complete diagnostic and self-monitoring components as well as remote access ensure trouble-free maintenance.


Our systems are installed on-site in collaboration with the plant’s specialists. Careful workflow planning and the dedicated efforts of our employees guarantee rapid start-up.


Even before delivery, we provide training on the relevant machinery at our facilities for the customer’s operators and maintenance personnel. After installation and start-up, we offer on-site training courses and support for the initial phase of productive operation. Assistance is also available via remote access.

Maintenance and service

We offer our customers reliable systems, e.g. for three-shift operation. We carefully maintain our systems and respond quickly to any questions that maintenance personnel may have. Our systems’ software identifies faults very rapidly. If necessary, spare parts can be installed rapidly on-site.

System verification and equipment test

We use our self-designed testing unit "KALI-US" to perform the periodic system verification required by standards – we also check other manufacturers’ systems. We issue a thorough report that includes the measurement results and an assessment of the condition of the system. We also provide you with an inspection tag.