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Why us?

Detail photo of cold rolling in our cold rolling mill
Detail photo of cold rolling

Why us?

Because as one of the leading European institutes for application-oriented steel research, we 

  • place extremely high value on customer focus and customer orientation, with collaborative research extending deep within customer processes
  • maintain, in the context of partnerships, a national and international network of well-known universities, research institutes and industrial partners
  • base our innovation management on an elaborate and well-defined innovation process
  • have a sophisticated idea and knowledge management system, with professional methods for generating and evaluating ideas as well as databases for ideas, knowledge and reports
  • reliably achieve our project management goals in the development and optimization of new products and processes along the entire process chain of steel production and processing
  • control and implement our business processes relative to quality, the environment and occupational health and safety with a coherent and certified Integrated Management System
  • participate in the development of all relevant standards, including on the international level, and respect and defend intellectual property rights, and  

because we have decades of experience, excellent scientific and technical resources, comprehensive state-of-the-art equipment, all standard simulation and experimentation methods and, above all, a passion for the material steel.

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