Sought-after publications

SZMF is one of the "most accessed articles" in Steel Research

The journal Steel Research is one of the most renowned periodicals on steel research worldwide.
The 2017 publication "Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) for Automotive Applications - Tailored Properties by Smart Microstructural Adjustments" [steel research int. 2017, vol.88, eLoc. 1700210] by our materials developers Dr. Christian Lesch, Norbert Kwiaton and Dr. Frank Klose is still ranked eighth among the "most accessed articles".

"Best Paper" at IPC 2016

Out of 800 submissions and more than 300 presentations, the article “Strain Capacity of Large Diameter Pipes: Full Scale Investigation with Influence of Girth Weld, Strip End Weld and Ageing Effects” was one of the 16 best papers presented at the conference.
Held every two years, the conference is one of the most important conferences of the pipeline industry. Results from the “LiSA II” (large pipe bending machine - Limit State Analyzer) project were presented. The award indicates that the results obtained are generating strong interest on the part of customers and the market.

Authors: Dr. Susanne Höhler, Dr. Hossein Karbasian und Alexander Gering, Dr. Christoph Kalwa (Europipe), Dr. Brahim Ouaissa (Salzgitter Mannesmann Großrohr)