In the field of material development, fast and accurate chemical analysis is an indispensable complement to micro-range analysis with the microprobe, the scanning electron microscope and the X-ray diffractometer.

Spark spectroscopy

Standard method for analyzing metallic materials within a matter of seconds

A high-energy spark is discharged through plasma in an argon atmosphere between the specimen and a counter-electrode. By measuring the light emitted by that spark, all required chemical elements are simultaneously quantitatively analyzed within less than 30 seconds. This permits us to determine all metals, metalloids and some non-metals, such as carbon, phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen.

The materials we analyze range from low-allow steels, Cr steels, Cr-Ni steels, Ni-based alloys, and tool steels to high-Mn-containing steels.

For extremely precise measurements of oxygen and nitrogen content, we have a G8 Galileo (ON/H-MAT) combustion analyzer to supplement the spark emission spectrometer. We use the carrier gas hot extraction method to determine oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen content in solids.

Moisture analysis of SAW fluxes and electrode coatings

In the area of welding technology analysis, we obtain additional information.