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Product/process engineering

Analyzing and optimizing forming processes

The ARGUS system provides us with extensive information, including:

  • 3D coordinates of the component surface
  • Changes in shape (main form and secondary form)
  • Sheet thickness reduction
  • Forming limit diagram
  • Material strengthening
Positive result of an optimized forming process - Fig.: “before” (left) and “after” (right)
Graphic shows positive result of an optimized forming process

Surface digitization

Surface digitization with the ATOS system.

Material-independent digitization of any component and target/actual comparison among digitized components. Examples of phenomena we evaluate in this way include deformation, geometric and positional deviations, and wear behavior.

With the ATOS system, we show the geometric deviation between CAD and tooling. Depiction of geometric deviation between CAD and tooling.


Darstellung der Geometrieabweichung zwischen CAD und Werkzeug.
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