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Simulation and modeling

Simulation model of cold pilgering.

Process simulation

Improving production quality and yield

Using realistic simulation models (finite element method, FEM), we analyze the effect of different process parameters rapidly and efficiently. The results form the basis for an optimized process.

Material modeling

Optimizing materials and processes

During production, steels undergo phase transformations that largely determine their properties. With thermodynamic modeling, we can predict the effects of the alloy composition or heat treatment parameters on the resulting phase equilibria. In addition, we describe microstructural development with phase field models. We use these tools to help optimize materials and processes.

Finite Elements Method (FEM)

You would like to know how modified loads affect your plants or components.

We use FEM to calculate stresses, strains, deformations and temperatures for any mechanical and thermal loads. We assess the static or fatigue strength from those calculations.
With our portable 3D laser scanner, we create 3D models from complex geometries rapidly and easily.

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