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Mission Statement

With expertise, quality, reliability and flexibility, we strive to be an effective and competent partner for our partners. Our thoughts and actions focus on satisfied customers whose trust in our services and products endures.


Our Mission

Our employees work to achieve the following objectives on an interdisciplinary basis and in association with Salzgitter AG. Our YOUNITED vision forms the foundation that outlines our higher-order objectives and our corporate principles. Our success is summed up in one word: YOUNITED


  • Work together on a collaborative basis and side-by-side with our business partners
  • Realize customer focus at all levels
  • Ensure absolute confidentiality


  • Generate, pursue and further develop innovative and intelligent ideas
  • Emphasize conceptual development
  • Create cost-effective solutions
  • Develop new business areas
  • Establish international scientific reputation


  • Recruit and retain the best candidates
  • Actively promote specialized young talent
  • Provide latitude for creativity and focus on a few major priorities
  • Develop and promote the technical and social skills of our employees
  • Conduct active and comprehensive knowledge management
  • Communicate in an open and trusting manner
  • Take occupational health and safety and environmental protection seriously: Safety first!


  • Implement projects effectively and efficiently
  • Maintain short product and process development times
  • Ensure compliance with deadlines
  • React flexibly to demands
  • Engage in continuous development – also relative to the performance of competitors


  • Break even without core financing
  • Make efficient and effective use of resources
  • Ensure balanced third-party financing
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