Research and development of the material steel - from A to Z

We are one of Europe's leading steel research institutes

At two locations, we work for the corporate affiliates of Salzgitter AG as well as for customers in the steel processing industry, the automotive industry, machinery and plant construction, energy technology and the construction industry.

Our R&D processes are oriented towards the key steps of steel production and subsequent processing. Some 300 extremely well-trained employees work with a full spectrum of state-of-the-art technical equipment and testing laboratories.

Our R&D philosophy extends well beyond the classic further development of existing products and processes: roadmaps establish the relationship between market demands and business objectives, products and technologies and the required resources. They form the guiding vision for strategic product planning and the systematically managed innovation process. This ranges from the technology fields to the brainstorming and evaluation of ideas based on their strategic and business significance, and from patent analysis and the actual R&D work right through to the implementation of the results in operations.

Moreover, we use sophisticated test procedures and mathematical-statistical methods to support our customers in the analysis and optimization of processes while also actively participating in the design of relevant standards and coordinating intellectual property rights.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we develop product and process optimization solutions. This close collaboration guarantees (further) development of customer-oriented, application-minded products and processes.

Our know-how is based on 85 years of experience in steel research. There’s a lot to do, after all the potential of steel as a material is far from exhausted.