Injection lines for the drive mix of the future

Injection lines rated for up to 3,000 bar are no longer a pipe dream

In the drive mix of the future, the diesel engine will continue to play a major role. For our partner Mannesmann Precision Tubes, we are developing the diesel injection lines of tomorrow, thereby making our contribution to climate protection.

The diesel line for injection pressures of up to 3,000 bar is no longer a dream for us. Such high injection pressures can now be sustained thanks to the continuous optimization of the mechanical properties, surface quality and residual stresses specifically introduced by autofrettage. As a result, powerful, state-of-the-art diesel engines can continue to reduce their NOx and CO2 emissions and passenger cars can meet and exceed the requirements of RDE (real driving emissions) testing.

We successfully verified the fatigue strength of recently developed common rail grades (CRG) on our impulse test stands and incorporate our experience into the autofrettage process.