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18.10.17 | Initiative Automotive

Whether for car hoods, furniture fittings, steel buildings, or gas cylinders, today a virtual examination is indispensable for component and structure design. But no matter which software is used, perhaps the most important requirement for a successful component design is access to the right material data.

Salzgitter-Flachstahl GmbH (SZFG) and Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH have been supporting their customers by providing the appropriate material data for years. The steel grades that have been characterized there according to SEP1240 are representative of the SZFG product range. It is now possible to download the data from the COMDaS material database free of charge.

COMDaS stands for Customer Online Material Data System and it is possible to retrieve the data at After the user has finished the free, one-time registration, the database will provide the results of the following examinations:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Tensile test 
  • Forming limit diagram
  • High-speed tensile test 
  • Cyclic characteristics

Program-specific material cards for widespread simulation software solutions (AutoForm, PamStamp, PamCrash, LS-Dyna) is furthermore be available.

The database will undergo continual expansion in the coming years and new material grades will be added. If the material that you are seeking happens to be unavailable, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at