Performance range

Duisburg location

Metallurgy - tubes and pipes, sections and heavy plate

  • Steel making and metallurgical process models 
  • Secondary metallurgy 
  • Casting and solidification, continuous casting 
  • Pilot plant for melting and rolling 
  • Thermo-mechanical rolling

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Materials Technology - tubes and pipes, sections and heavy plate

  • Materials Technology and consultation 
  • Carbon steels, such as quenched and tempered steels, micro-alloyed steels, steels with excellent cold-forming properties, highly heat-resistant and fire-resistant steels, steels for sour service
  • Austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys
  • Special alloys 
  • Development of submerged arc, MIG, MAG, WIG, plasma and manual
    welding methods
  • Welding tests 
  • Adhesion technology 
  • Corrosion testing of metallic materials and components 
  • Corrosion protection of metallic components 
  • Organic pipe coatings 
  • Electrochemistry 
  • Failure analyses and expertises

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Engineering Technology - tubes and pipes, sections and heavy plate

  • Mechanical-technological material testing 
  • Simulation of hot forming properties of metals (Gleeble test) 
  • Execution of static and cyclic ring expansion tests 
  • Resonance rotating bending test 
  • Fracture mechanical testing, calculations and FE analyses 
  • Measurement of mechanical quantities in the laboratory as well as in the field
  • Structural testing, in particular autofrettage, static and cylic internal pressure tests, collapse and fracture mechanics tests 
  • Simulation of multi-axial structural behavior of pipelines, analytically, numerically and experimental 
  • Elastic-plastic strength analysis, analytically as well as FEM
  • Fatigue analysis and statistics-based life time estimation 
  • Customer-tailored software in the fields of strength, deformation and fatigue
  • Design of components for static and cyclic loads 
  • Condition monitoring and failure analysis 
  • Customer-tailored devices for sophisticated technological testing

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System Engineering

  • Further developments in the fields of ultrasonic, eddy-current, leakage-flux and X-ray testing 
  • Supporting customers with non-destructive testing and investments 
  • Construction of customer-specific test systems and facilities 
  • Development and construction of laser-ultrasonic testing systems, particularly for applications in the high-temperature range 
  • Development of couplant-free ultrasonic methods 
  • Sensor development and construction 
  • Development of software for the automation of digital X-ray testing systems, incl. software for defect-type recognition and assessment 
  • Surface testing of pipes, sheet steels and sections 
  • Systems for optical dimensional measurement and defect detection using matrix and linear-array cameras, triangulation and light-section sensors 
  • Laser-based systems for the alignment of rolling lines 
  • Vibration analysis for tool monitoring 
  • Investigations of purity levels 
  • Measurement of internal stresses and material properties with magnetic and ultrasonic methods
  • Measurement of sensors 
  • Data analysis for process optimization 
  • Non-destructive coating analysis 
  • Use of power ultrasonics for process optimization
  • Regular monitoring of test facilities via automatic test systems; checking conformity with relevant standards 
  • Development of electronics for analog, HF and digital circuits 
  • Non-destructive materials testing (ET, FT, MT, PT, RT, UT) 
  • Qualification and certification of personnel for non-destructive testing 
  • Participation in complaint processing

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