Surface Technology

The research and development work of the Surface Technology department mainly concentrates on customer-specific developments: these activities include the application-oriented optimization of the properties of surface-finished sheet on the basis of customer requirements, as well as developing corrosion-protection concepts and determining the processing, corrosion and weathering properties in the respective customer process.

Additional services include customer support in the use of surface-finished products. In addition, the department also provides assistance in the selection of suitable organic coatings, metallic platings and chemical surface treatments.

As part of the qualification of surface-finished products, the department carries out release testing to meet technical supply specifications in accordance with customer requirements.

The department operates pilot and simulation facilities in the laboratory and the technical center in order to reproduce the manufacturing processes at the steel manufacturer and further processing at the customer. In this way, by performing process accompanying investigations, the entire surface-treatment process chain is analyzed and optimized.