In the field of steelmaking questions regarding hot metal desulfurization, BOF process and continuous casting are investigated with sound scientific expertise and under operating conditions in close cooperation with the industry. The main topics in primary and secondary metallurgy are investigations on steel/slag reactions for further improvements in process technology. Process models for controlling the BOF and for optimizing the ladle treatment are developed on the basis of this knowledge. The research on continuous casting covers topics like solidification processes, the determination of possible sources of defects and the examination of steel cleanliness (MIDAS test).

In hot-rolling technology the workscope is focused on heavy plate production and section rolling. Rolling operations are performed for developing new materials and for the optimization of thermal-mechanical treatments. Extensive process models are designed for the calculation of pass schedules and rolling data.

Vacuum induction furnace for heats up to 300 kg

Two vacuum induction furnaces are available for the production of test heats. Two rolling stands cover a large range of rolling stock dimensions. External customers can also use these research facilities on commissioned ord

  • Heats for new steel grades
  • Heats of special alloys like nickel and cobalt base alloys
  • Production of reference materials
  • Hot-rolling of steels including thermo-mechanical treatment
  • Cold rolling of selected nonferrous metals